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1.) Pick 10 of your OCs/FCs from a fandom/genre that doesn’t take place in ‘reality’ (ex- fantasy, sci-fi, alternate universe, historical piece, dystopian future).  If they’re from a fandom specify which
2.) Try not to look ahead at the questions!
3.) Link back to the blank template (this) and credit me for it when you’re done
4.) Feel free to include links to the stories these characters are from in the description of YOUR submission (not this blank template) because shameless self-promotion is the way of the future, my friends



1.) [3] is struggling to understand modern technology.  Which appliance, device, etc are they struggling with the most? (ex- cell phones, toasters, electricity, hand held video games)

2.) [5] and [8] are fascinated by the mystical magical Temple of Consumerism, aka the mall.  Which stores are [5] and [8] respectively most excited to check out?

3.) [9] wants to get a debit card but needs to open a bank account first, and this requires proof of citizenship and a minimum down payment.  How does [9] acquire proof of citizenship and where do they get a job?

4.) [1] wants to learn how to drive and feels confident that [4] can teach them.  How does it go?

5.) [10] gets arrested for a minor offense not knowing it was illegal because of differing laws in their universe.  What is it, how/why did it happen, and who is their first call to- [2] or [7]?  Why that person?

6.) [2] discovers the internet and finds fanfics and fanart of the fandom that _____ (your first FC in the list of above).  What did [2] find?  How do they both react? (if [2] is the first FC on the list, use the last FC on the list)

7.) [3] is starting to get homesick and takes up a hobby that is reminiscent of something they did in their universe.  What is the hobby and what does it remind them of?

8.) [6] and [7] find a decent apartment with a third room they’re looking to fill.  [6] wants [2] to move in but [7] doesn’t.  [7] wants [4] to move in but [6] doesn’t.  Briefly describe the apartment, why [6] wants to and not [4], why [7] wants [4] but not [2], and how its resolved.

9.) [1] is starting to develop an interest in current events and politics.  [2] hugely disagrees with them on one major issue.  What is the issue (ex- war, marriage equality, environmentalism, animal rights, etc), where does [1] stand, and where does [2] stand?

10.) [8] has a birthday coming up but isn’t sure how to celebrate it in this world.  [3] and [9] decide to try and put something together that will strongly resemble how [8] would normally celebrate their birthday in their world.  What do [3] and [9] do?  Is it a success or a disaster?

BONUS (optional)

1.) Your characters decide to throw you a ‘Thanks for Making Us!’ party…but you didn’t even know they were in our world.  How do YOU react to seeing the ten of them?

2.) Each character is given a chance to go back home to their universe.  However, their decision is final.  If they stay they will never be able to go back, and if they go back they will never be able to come here again.  Who stays, who leaves, and why/how do they come to that final decision?










Please link back to me when you're done and I'll include links to your completed submissions in the description of this template!  Have fun ^_^

Completed Submissions-

AliRose-Art- Reality OC meme
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